How will this newly constructed neighborhood and its price point transform downtown, change the opportunities and accessibility for the population and what does it mean for the future of the nation’s capital?

DC is an ever-evolving metropolis that has experienced an enormous amount of change and growth in the past. Every neighborhood has seen incredible transformations, and one of the most notable is CityCenterDC. Located mere blocks between Metro Center and Gallery Place, this high-end shopping center and luxury apartment complex has altered the area into a hub for the finer things. Within it is a collection of two condominium buildings, two rental apartments buildings, office buildings, a luxury hotel, and a public park. The new constructions span more than five city blocks and cover over 2,000,000 square feet. Notable brands from Tumi and Kate Spade to Burberry and Long Champ have claimed retail space here. With all of this development and change, it is noteworthy to contemplate how these storefronts and apartments will alter the urban, social and economic landscape. It is undeniable that there is excitement around this project and rightfully so. Merely looking at the high-end brands that have signed leases emphasizes the transition into a fashion hub that DC has initiated through projects such as this. Some perceive this development as a means of shifting people from the Mall and more historic part of DC to the lively and metropolitan downtown as a means of creating more revenue separate from the typical tourism efforts of viewing monuments, museums, and historic buildings. But, what does this change means for the existing population of Metro Center and Gallery Place? How will this new construction and price point transform downtown, change the opportunities and accessibility for the population and what it means for the future of the nation’s capital?

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