Cheap, Quick, and Yummy

Delicious on an international level in Washington, D.C. doesn’t have to require linen service at a restaurant or hours in the kitchen. It doesn’t even require a tracking system for finding the long line at a food truck. Here’s a quick list of low-budget foodie places we’ve put together for your noshing pleasure.

Started by Greek friends, Cava serves traditional Greek and Mediterranean food. There are multiple locations around the city, and more coming so a Cava probably isn’t too far from you. It’s your choice of pita, salad or a bowl then fill it up with their fresh ingredients like falafel, hummus, and olives.

Cava Pita Pocket

A deli with lots of delicious sandwiches to choose from located right under a grocery store. A neighborhood treasure located right near the Foggy Bottom metro that’s been around for more than 60 years. GW grads and students alike hold FoboGro in a very dear place in their hearts. Stop in and grab a fresh made sandwich, salad or soup.

FoBoGro Turkey Sandwich


District Taco
Who doesn’t want tacos for just $2.25 each? With so many different options to choose from, make your favorite type of taco and then top it off with some pico de gallo, beans, and avocado and you’re ready to go. District Taco was formally a very popular food truck and now with a restaurant set up, they are bringing in more and more people each day.

District Tacos Custom Taco

Located in a converted garage in Shaw, DC, SUNdeVICH is a local spot that you can’t afford to miss. They support local agriculture and businesses and don’t buy any of their products from large companies. Everything is prepared daily with fresh ingredients, so hurry in! Otherwise, they run out of ingredients and have to close for the day.


SUNdeViCH Gyro Sandwich


An American chain filled with Southeast Asian goodness. Inspired by the delicious traditional foods of Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore, Shophouse is like stepping into another country right in your backyard. Affordable, fast and bold flavors that will transport you, is what makes Shophouse a definite must.

ShopHouse Asian Rice BowlBuredo
This new trend has been sweeping through the District. Two D.C. natives created this fresh new lunch option, to mix the best of both worlds; a burrito and sushi. These sushi burritos are all stuffed with fresh veggies, fish, and spices, creating a healthy delicious meal for those on the go.

Buredo Salmon Sashimi Pai Mei Buredo

Z- Burger
A well-known landmark of D.C. Their burgers and fries are highly acclaimed and loved by all those who have tasted them. With six different locations are D.C., Z-burger is a great place to pop into and get that burger you know you’ve been craving. Have more of a sweet tooth? Z-burger is still the place for you, offering dozens of different handspun milkshakes, like Tiramisu, Reeses Pieces, and Blueberry cheesecake.

Another Mediterranean favorite. Roti is a healthy option that only serves the very best ingredients. Rich in vegetables, olive oil, wholesome grains, and lean protein, this is not only healthy but also a delicious option. Another plus is all the food served is organic and sustainable.

Roti Salmon Salad Bowl

Written by: Ellie Hough