Owner Selina Delangre harvesting the finest salts

Yes, there is a salt that doctors prefer.

Selina Naturally is the family-owned company and proprietor of Celtic Sea Salt, the salt that makes a difference not only in how you taste the food you cook but also in a healthier lifestyle approach. With this salt, you can avoid the synthetic chemicals that are typically added to table salt.

When she isn’t busy traveling the world to source the finest salt flats, owner Selina Delangre is happy to spend a moment telling us a bit about her company’s remarkable inner-workings.

celtic-sea-salt-grinderDC: How was Selina Naturally conceived? 

Selina: 40 years ago my father-in-law started the trend of the Celtic Sea Salt with a book that he wrote called Sea Salt’s Hidden Powers. And Selina Naturally is the company that distributes the salt all over. But it is the Celtic Sea Salt brand that we are most known for.

DC: What are some health benefits of natural sea salt?

SD: Salt is a necessity for the body’s functions. Our body is a salt. Our tears are salty. Our sweat is salty. Our body needs to replenish salt. People that work out and sweat a lot will have more of a salt need than someone that just sits at a desk and doesn’t really sweat that much, or a person that eats a lot of meat doesn’t need as much salt as a vegetarian because there is a lot of salt in meat naturally.

We have testimonies that Celtic Sea Salt aids in digestion because the digestion starts at the mouth with saliva. You can get an idea for this just by putting a tad bit of salt on your tongue, as you can feel the saliva in your mouth start to increase, and that helps with digestion. Also, Celtic Sea Salt is high in pH which helps to alkalize the body. Lastly, it helps the potassium pump absorb the sodium the way it’s supposed to. Basically, this salt is all about having the balanced minerals in it that are mimicking the same minerals in our body.

DC: Is it true that Celtic Sea Salt is doctor recommended?flower-of-the-ocean

SD: We have over 800 doctors in our database that carry it in their practice. The FDA recently changed it so that we need to have signatures of over 8,000 doctors to be able to say, “doctor recommended”. So up until about two years ago, we were able to say it and now we can’t.

DC: What makes Selina Naturally Sea Salt – Celtic Sea Salt – products stand out in a world of healthy organic eat this, not that?

SD: It’s not generic so it’s easier to understand where the source of things is coming from. Plus, the story behind our salt and the research is conducive towards it.

But the reason I feel the proudest about the salts that we bring in is how I actually go and visit the places where the salt comes from, I explore. I want to check on all the conditions from where it comes from to make sure there are no potential contaminants. For example, I had to go and pick the right salt flat in Portugal to make sure it would not be contaminated. I also make sure that where they are storing the salt is in extremely high-standards conditions, to make sure that no livestock or animals can get in on it. And then I have all the salts analyzed when I bring them in to make sure that the mineral profile and the pH and the heavy metals reach our caliber.

rare-bodyDC: What are some sustainable salt farming approaches that Selina Naturally focuses on?

SD: One thing that comes to mind first is that we don’t bring any mined salt in. That’s not saying mined salt is bad for you, but it’s just not sustainable. Our methods for obtaining our salts are usually fresh sea harvested every year, just like a garden. So, it’s an evaporation process coming from seawater. This has us sourcing our salts from all over the world. All the different salts have their own attributes as some of them come from clay-lined beds, silica lined beds or from deep seawater.

DC: Is it true that Selina Naturally products are hand packed?aquon

SD: Yes. I’m not sure if I am proud of that or embarrassed (laughter). I’ve tried to go with automation but our salt is a very strange commodity. It’s very corrosive. It’s very moist.  Therefore, if you put it through automation, the brine breaks through and it causes a little bit of wetness. Well, I spent $92,000.00 on automation only to realize that there were some places where the salt can get stuck in the little crevices and eventually corrode. I tried to fix the machine but now it’s just sitting in a container in my warehouse.

We’re still doing everything by hand! It’s because of my quality standards. I just cannot sleep at night thinking that something could possibly get into the salt that doesn’t belong there. And by doing it by hand, I have everybody assuring me that they can see everything that’s going into the packages.

DC: Where can we find these great products? 

SD: We have great distribution so now you can find them at Wegman’s, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Publix, Albertson’s and other grocery stores.

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“Celtic Sea Salt” grinder helps complement your cooking
“Flower of the Ocean” is a chef’s choice of salt
“Rare Body”  is spa-grade salt body scrub with a citrus appeal
“Aquon Matrix” is an athlete’s workout choice for electrolyte replenishment

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