Sometimes, some of the best food comes from the smallest of places. Daniel Fecht covers FAR EAST TACO GRILLE FOOD TRUCKs

Sometimes, some of the best food comes from the smallest of places. In terms of small, a food truck is almost as modest as it gets. At the intersection of 13th and K streets in Washington DC, lined up along a shaded park area are at least twenty artsy and graphically decorated trucks hosted by entrepreneurs wanting to serve you their twist of a unique concoction for a reasonable price.

And so today, my stomach wanted something more than the standard American food fare that most of us are accustomed to on a daily basis. I targeted Far East Taco Grille, a simply modern and cunning black food truck that specializes in creating an alternative for what goes inside the flour or corn tortilla that we know and love so much. But this is not a regretful trip to your local neighborhood “bell” spot. Asian favorites are spun around and replaced on the tortilla bed instead of the typical beef and sour cream, this of which is true freedom from the known for your mouth.

I stand in a line of about twenty people and am reading the menu, organized into four different sections. First is Protein. Next is Sauce. The third is Slaw and lastly is the Finisher. The tacos sell as one taco for $3 or three tacos for $8. I’m going with three of the steak tacos, which are essentially Korean marinated steak (also known as bulgogi), the #15 sauce which is sweet with a slight spice, a slaw which is a kimchi and lime juice sort of pairing and the onion lime-relish as a finisher. I also order a few more tacos with chicken as the protein, spicy pineapple as the sauce, zesty chipotle mix (which includes corn) as the slaw and a cheesy-lime cream as the finisher.

After you grab your Asian-American inspired tacos, many find the time to have a seat somewhere in the park to finish the deed.  It could be under a tree, or on the grass, or in a circle sitting Indian style listening to your bushy and bearded friend strum out a protest tune on the acoustic guitar. Everyone has their own preference. After the last bite of my three tacos, and still wanting more flavor, I considered eating the other three I had bought for my wife to eat later on that evening. However, I held tight to my courtesy and did not eat the meal I had promised her earlier. Not eating a hungry wife’s meal can ultimately save your marriage…

Far East Taco Grille makes different rounds throughout the DC area, so your best bet is to follow them on Facebook at FarEastTG or @FarEastTG on Twitter as they are very up to date to let you know where they have stationed themselves at the current time. There is no question that the food is worth the trip for an experience that doesn’t taste exactly like anything else you have had before. I will return as a customer along with others I intend to bring along. The combination of flavor may sound confusing and questionable at first, but your answers will be pleasantly answered upon your first couple lip smackings.