Bobby’s Burger Palace launched a new menu with three new burgers and two additional milkshake flavors in celebration of its newest restaurant opening in Las Vegas.

With the goal of becoming “American’s burger restaurant,” Bobby Flay creates burgers that incorporate regional flavors and ingredients, as represented by the name. The new Vegas burger is made with white American cheese, Fresno red chiles and BBQ potato chips in honor of the spicy flavors of the western desert. The Carolina and New Mexico also have unique tastes that have been warmly welcomed on the menu.

I recommend the L.A. It has watercress, cheddar cheese, and tomato, but the avocado relish is what really sells it. It adds a fresh, clean flavor you don’t normally get with traditional burgers. Plus it’s Bobby Flay’s favorite, so it must be good.

Another good option is the Brunch burger, which has fried egg and smoked bacon on top of American cheese. It was originally a Burger of the Month special, but popular demand landed it on the permanent menu. There was a Facebook page and everything.  With that kind of power as customers, I say we petition for a Maryland burger with crab and Old Bay. Anyone with me?

If you’re a regular at BBP and mourning the loss of your favorites like the Buffalo or the Napa, fear not: you can still order it because all restaurants carry the necessary ingredients.

Every BBP burger option can be Crunchified (potato chips added on top) and made with certified Angus beef, ground turkey or whole chicken breast. A mark of a good turkey burger is that it tastes just the same as the beef, which thankfully Bobby’s gives you. If you’re trying to be as healthy as possible when eating a burger, go for the topless option. It’s any burger served on top of baby greens instead of a bun.

On the other hand, you’re already at a burger joint, you might as well go all out and order a milkshake too. Bobby’s milkshakes can be malted or topped with whipped cream, and some locations even offer spiked milkshakes. Sadly not at K Street, but the College Park location does.