Eugene Smith reviews one of Northern Virginia’s favorite 24-hour food stops. The Barnside Diner on Little River Turnpike is known for turning out high-quality food quickly with friendly service.

After being told about the Barnside Diner in Alexandria, VA, I had to put the legends to the test. My wife and I headed to the Diner, in the past, we had passed it so many times with empty stomachs, and open minds.

I heard about the famous Redskins Omelet and had to try it. My wife wanted to see how good they were at preparing the “American Classic” cheeseburger and Fries.

Watch the video and tell us who else in the Washington, D.C. region deserves a shot at the DMV’s Best Diner.

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Author Eugene Smith is the creative director of several online publications and a cultural-diversity author. He designs media and branding strategies to make an impact on the global community. Eugene uses his diverse background and upbringing to showcase cultural diversity through art, cuisine, music, and fashion with a passion for people and life.

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