Where can one go to embrace their own unique and individual style in an environment that commands respect, attention, and fellowship?  You can go to a magical space held annually called AFROPUNK.

From bold prints to floral accessories, street style was on display at the globally recognized festival and movement that highlighted African American culture, artists, performers, activists, and attendees.

It boasted of fashion eccentricity, unapologetic celebration, and friendliness.  I was refreshed to see so many people having an amazing time with one another. This wasn’t an event where the majority of the crowd posted up on a wall to people watch.  The whole carnival was involved, and ready to have some fun!

Shout out to the African and floral prints!!!

AfroPunk, like many festivals with growth initiatives, has gone through its share of phases, from debating the demographic of alternative and more diverse Black consumers to the conversation of becoming more commercial and open to a higher potential of revenue and a destination for a wider consumer base.  AfroPunk maintains the integrity of community and individuality that is unmatched in creativity and eccentricity.  I was quite proud to be a part of it.

You should be at the next one.