On Wednesday, May 2nd the “foodies” of DC came out in troves to May’s DC Food Blogger Happy Hour, located at Market Tavern in Arlington, Va.

By: Jessica Farley

It was once said by George Bernard Shaw that “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”

This past Wednesday, Shaw’s words rang nothing short of true as food bloggers and lovers alike came out from all corners of the DMV to Market Tavern in Arlington, Va. for this month’s DC Food Blogger Happy Hour.  As hors d’oeuvres were passed around the room and the wine flowed, DC’s foodies satiated not only their appetites but their love of “food talk.”

Market Tavern provided a mouth-watering arrangement of appetizers for the crowd, including a variety of fugazzas-flatbreads that can only be described as a religious experience; they were so tasty. In fact, the only thing that stopped the chatter of the crowd was when a waiter turned the corner with a fresh plate a fugazzas in hand; at that point friends became foes and it was every man for himself as we dove in for a little slice of heaven in the form of a flatbread.

Patrons of the event were lucky enough to not only leave with a full stomach but a sampling of spices from The Dizzy Pig Barbeque Company located in Manassas, Va. In addition, there were also several signed copies of Smart Chefs Stay Slim, the latest cookbook by Allison Adato, handed out.

After spending Wednesday at Market Tavern, it is safe to say that my stomach and I are counting down the days until next month’s happy hour. Bon Appetit!