As people, we crave new experiences and moments that surprise us or even change us for the better. In fact, we are unknowingly searching for these things every day. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of what happens when we allow travel to have its way with us.

These are the 5 reasons why travel is life-changing.


1. We expand our minds


Travel has a means of showing us a different way of living, almost as if it were putting life on display for us. We see the everyday routines and work ethics of different cultures and how they crisscross with our own.  We tune into the histories of a certain country and try to imagine what it might have been like to live in their past. We take the lessons learned, whether humbling or enriching and try to apply them to our own philosophy.



2. We let go of our prejudices


When we visit places that aren’t as familiar to us, it is entirely possible to encounter societies of different creeds and backgrounds. From a distance, sometimes we are guilty of judging these foreign societies, to say that they do something “wrong”, but when we get to know these people, we come to an understanding that there isn’t as much separating us as previously imagined.


3. We see different everyday realities


What if sleeping on the cold, hard floor was your reality? Many who hail from first-world countries don’t have to face such a certainty when they go to bed at night. But in some countries, this isn’t a guarantee. Creature comforts like being able to turn on a movie at beckon call, drive your car down the street or even have a quick meal ready for you aren’t a sure thing. We can take experiences like these and educate those who are unaware back home.


4. We discover new favorite foods


Bulgogi and kimchi in South Korea? Slow roasted lamb in Iceland? Reindeer hot dogs in Alaska? Who knows, but whatever it may be, a good flavor can leave a mark on you that’s hard to forget. Either you’ll find yourself craving the next exciting meal, or you’ll find yourself bragging to your colleagues back home about how jellied moose nose in Canada should be made by Smuckers and sold to the masses.


5. We shake new hands


Ultimately, we find new friends in the most unexpected of places. They could be temporary and only passing through our lives for that short moment of our stay in X country, or they could end up being a lifelong connection. It could be that your waiter in Spain shares the same hobby as you. Or your tour guide in India has dreams the size of yours. After all, what if your future was always waiting for you thousands of miles away?