The Aesthetic Institute was founded by Dr. Adam Summers, recognized by Newsweek as one of
the Top Plastic Surgeons in the United States, and lifetime medical educator and innovator.

Dr. SummersIn the realm of aesthetics, innovation and excellence converge at The Aesthetic Institute, founded by the esteemed Dr. Adam Summers. With a mission to redefine the possibilities of beauty and empower aspiring professionals, The Aesthetic Institute is making waves in the field of medical aesthetics.

Traditionally, Maryland aestheticians were confined to offering limited skin care services under their Cosmetology or Aesthetics license. But times have evolved, and now, licensed aestheticians can catapult their careers to new heights by enrolling in The Aesthetic Institute’s comprehensive Medical Aesthetics training program. Here, they gain access to a world of sophisticated skin care and anti-aging solutions, including Microdermabrasion, chemical peels, dermal infusion therapy, IV infusions, PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) therapy, dermaplaning, and more.

What sets this institute apart is its immersive three-month training program, offering both didactic (lecture-based) training and extensive hands-on instruction. However, what truly makes it exceptional is that students get to immerse themselves in real-world practice by rotating through an on-site medical spa and a surgery center. They don’t just observe; they actively participate, even working in operating rooms.

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Dr. Adam Summers as he takes us on a journey through the world of medical aesthetics, innovation, and the remarkable opportunities that await those who dare to dream big in this dynamic field.

DC Life: What is the Aesthetic Institute all about anyway and who would you recommend to get involved?

Dr. Summers: For over 30 years, I’ve enjoyed training nurses and doctors in a variety of patient care skills. In fact, in 1991, I designed the first office CME (Continuing Medical Education) course jointly offered by a medical institution (St. Louis University School of Medicine) and Apple Computer. Also, in 1995, I created the first digital interactive surgical skills training program (The Multimedia Introduction to Knot Tying and Suturing) which was used throughout the country to train surgical techs, nurses, and doctors. Since then, I’ve been involved in developing novel surgical techniques and participating in clinical trials for new medical devices and therapies, including FDA studies. More recently, The Aesthetic Institute was developed to combine three ideas:

1. Create a center for innovation in aesthetics and anti-aging. The Institute will serve as a hub for individuals and companies who wish to develop new products and services and provide them with an infrastructure to conduct clinical trials.

2. Establish a comprehensive training facility for individuals interested in learning about medical aesthetics. Our training curriculum includes basic science, anatomy, physiology, physics, microbiology, as well as providing instruction on patient selection and the delivery of treatments. Treatments include aesthetic injectables, energy-based devices such as lasers, weight management, hormone replacement, sexual wellness, hair restoration, and more . We even cover business management, ethics, marketing, and legal issues.

3. Provide a facility where health care providers are empowered to deliver medical aesthetic treatments. With over 24 treatment rooms, dozens of lasers and the latest technology, The Aesthetic Institute provides a turn-key solution with everything healthcare providers need to focus on their patients. Providers can just walk in and take care of their patients without worrying about technology, patient amenities, overhead, supplies, staffing or all the other issues needed to run a business.

DC: When you’re not helping people with their
appearances, what are you passionate about?

Dr. Summers: One of my first “loves” was computer programming. Much like creative writing, painting or composing, programmers start with a blank slate and an idea which they “bring to life”. I am passionate about using these skills to make a positive contribution in other people’s lives.

For example, I frequently consult with other doctors about their business. When I can contribute something useful to help them get “unstuck” or provide better healthcare, there is the potential for a tremendous positive impact. In addition, I started a charitable foundation to provide services for Veterans. My goal is to provide free surgical services for Veterans in need, and I’ve been working on building a reality show around that concept called “Make a Veteran Smile”. The first Veteran we worked with had been abused while serving in the Navy. We helped to restore both her body and her family life. I hope to make this type of impact many times over as we grow this program.

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