Charlottesville, Virginia native LeeBangah is more than just a rising star in the hip-hop scene; he’s a trailblazer igniting the local music movement. His dedication and lyrical prowess have landed him features in prestigious publications, while captivating audiences at major festivals like SXSW, Tom Tom Festival and SoulFest.

You’ll Neva Know Me “The LeeBangah Documentary”

A Poet’s Heart Beats with Hip-Hop Soul:

LeeBangah’s journey into music started with a passion for poetry. After hearing the now classic artists that his older Brother listen to, his love for language would translate into some powerful lyrics. , This was the turning point when he discovered the world of hip-hop.

Q: Who were some of the hip-hop legends that inspired you to pursue rap?

A: “There was no shortage of musical inspiration during this time period – both legendary performers AND up-and coming acts pushed boundaries when it came creating something new while maintaining one’s true identity.”

[In his documentary titled: “You’ll Neva Know Me “The LeeBangah Documentary” , he mentioned Nas, N.O.R.E., Snoop, Jay-Z, Coolio, AZ and Tupac. ]

DMV Roots Fueling Raw and Relatable Lyrics:

Growing up in Charlottesville wasn’t always easy, but LeeBangah found inspiration in the city’s struggles. He infuses his music with these raw experiences, creating relatable verses that capture the essence of the DMV area.

Q: How do you weave your personal experiences from Virginia into your music?

A: “My childhood town Charlottesville, Va. had its issues but also gave me inspiration – growing up, crime filled streets showed me another side other than just pretty landscapes thus giving birth not only personally motivation wise but through raw experiences lyrics were born too making every verse relatable.”

Overcoming Challenges and Finding Purpose:

Entering the professional music scene was challenging for LeeBangah. Studio access was often limited until the late 90s, however this hurdle only fueled his determination. A defining moment came with the loss of his nephew to cancer. His nephew’s words of encouragement became LeeBangah’s driving force, urging him to pursue his dream of rap superstardom.

Driven by Faith, Family, and Authenticity:

In a competitive industry, LeeBangah stays motivated by his faith, family, and a belief in himself. He recognizes the power of other artists’ work but uses it to push his own creativity and stay true to his authentic sound.

Q: How do you balance staying true to yourself while keeping your music fresh in a constantly evolving genre?

A: “I strive for continuous growth as an artist…surpassing my past achievements is what drives me forward. Of course, I also acknowledge fellow musicians crafting impactful tracks that resonate deeply with listeners – their passion makes me push even harder to elevate my own creativity within this dynamic genre.”

Empowering Messages and Uplifting Vibes:

LeeBangah’s music isn’t just about catchy beats; it’s about positive change and good vibes. He uses his platform to inspire others and collaborate with the next generation of artists, all while staying true to his Virginia roots.

Q: What messages do you hope to convey through your music, especially for those from the DMV?

A: “Empowered by my poetic beginning, I create meaningful music that inspires positive change and Good vibes. From uplifting messages to collaborating with the next generation, my artistry knows no bounds. Coming out of Virginia my roots are strong with big city dreams being a country boy. And just sticking with what Va Made me.”

Advice for Aspiring Artists:

LeeBangah’s message to aspiring rappers is simple: Never stop believing. Persistence is key, even when doubt creeps in.

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