Strange people could be in your office. You just have to look for them. Or maybe they’ll just come to you.

You don’t typically notice the idiosyncrasies in the office within the first couple of months. But then, everything begins to open up around you and you see the truth.

What’s the truth? People in the office can be as weird as a kangaroo using a pogo stick.

Read on to find out who they are.

The Constant Complainer:

This coworker finds fault in almost everything and is eternally negative. They complain about work tasks, colleagues, management, and even minor issues, which can create a toxic atmosphere in the.

This person will even find a way to complain about getting a raise. Don’t trust them.

The Bathroom Expert

This coworker realizes that if they take six separate fifteen minute bathroom breaks per day, then that equates to seven and a half hours of extra break time per week. After a month’s time, that is thirty hours of break time in the office.

And no one is going to call them out on it out of fear of intruding upon a possible health issue.

The Micromanager

This coworker feels the need to oversee every detail of a project, often undermining others’ independence and causing obstruction. They struggle to delegate effectively and may choke creativity.

They’re also the person who you may feel hovering over you and breathing at any given moment. Let’s hope they aren’t whispering in your ear, either.

The Desk Drummer:

Always tapping away on their desk with pens, pencils, or even drumming with their fingers, turning their workspace into a spur-of-the-moment percussion section.

This coworker might claim that he almost “made it” in the rock n’ roll big leagues, but he will have an excuse somewhere along the line of how Imagine Dragons auditioned him and eventually decided to go with the other guy over him.

The Office Gossip:

Always in the know about personal details of others, this coworker spreads rumors and gossip. They thrive on drama and may create tension and distrust among colleagues.

Remember the telephone game that you used to play in third grade? Yeah, they are a living specimen of just that.

The Overly Competitive Colleague:

This coworker turns every task into a competition, constantly comparing their achievements to others. They may prioritize personal gain over teamwork and collaboration, creating an aggressive environment.

This coworker is typically swinging his or her fists daily for recognition, but doesn’t get any. As for promotions, none either. Typically, they are treading water and burning too much energy, yet will continue to do so until the end of time.

The Desk Decorator:

This coworker’s desk is like a mini art gallery or a shrine to their hobbies. From action figures to quirky decorations, their workspace is a reflection of their unique personality.

Don’t be surprised if your desk is decorated with flowers and banners on your birthday one random morning. This person loves to make you feel good, but ultimately, they’re using your birthday as an excuse to decorate your desk and photograph it for their Instagram page. Don’t be fooled, folks!

The Office Storyteller:

This coworker has a story for every occasion, whether it’s about their weekend adventures, childhood mishaps, or bizarre encounters with strangers. Their tales are always entertaining and sometimes embellished for dramatic effect.

No, Steve, you didn’t jump off the cliff to avoid an ambush by a mountain lion over the weekend. Furthermore, saying “wow, that’ crazy” can only be said no more than seventeen times in one conversation.

The Credit Hog:

This coworker always takes credit for team successes in the office, even if their contribution was minimal. They may undermine others’ achievements or fail to recognize the cooperative effort of the team.

Be careful! This person will corner the boss when they are alone in a random hallway and inform said boss of how hard he worked to complete the group project. The boss will believe this and now issue him eternal preference.