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In the short time that I’ve known RepItSocial’s CEO Azalaya Fraser, I’ve watched a steady and impressive evolution of the company. I bet you’re asking yourself, “Does the world really need another social media network?” I had my doubts at first. However, the short answer is yes. A resounding YES, if this company aims to heal the damage done by some of the older platforms. I find that Azalaya and her team are sincerely grounded in a “First, do no harm” approach to using technology to build community. I was able to squeeze into her busy calendar for a question & answer session, with the hope of understanding what this new social media platform is all about.

Eugene Smith
So what does RepItSocial seek to do?

Azalaya Fraser

Azalaya Macbook

“RepItSocial seeks to really bring a new energy into the social media space. I would say that first and foremost, our goal was to create a different, more positive, experience for users. Through all of our research and focus groups, we realized that people were not enjoying social media anymore.”

Eugene Smith

What makes RepItSocial different from every other social media platform?

Azalaya Fraser

“RepItSocial is different because it allows users to customize their social media experience based on their unique individuality, communities, and cultures. And they are able to do that by the creation of [flags]. Flags on RepItSocial are like customized feeds. So, when users create flags for each part of their life, they are able to, in effect, segment out their feeds in real-time.”

Eugene Smith

What type of person is a RepItSocial User, who should be using it?

Azalaya Fraser

“It’s really people that are looking to have a better experience on social media. People seeking to be able to post authentically about themselves without feeling criticized or judged. Those folks who want the freedom to share things that they may be working on or that inspire them without, you know, the trolls coming with the negativity and poisoning the well. RepItSocial is for people that want to be able to share authentically with people who like and enjoy the same interests that they do.”

Eugene Smith

So Azalaya, can you tell us what a “Flag” is on RepItSocial?

Azalaya Fraser

find your tribe

“Flags on RepItSocial can be anything anything you like! From friend groups and communities, to hobbies & passions. Even a personal goal that you are seeking to manifest can be made into a flag. For instance, a user could make a flag for their own personal weight loss goal.  Within this flag could be a series of photos or 60 second video posts of their fitness journey. They could keep it private or share their video diary of themselves trying to lose weight for the summer.  Whether private or public, users could capture how they focused energy toward manifesting their “beach body” on that flag.

Flags are like communities that represent different aspects of our lives, really, it’s all about repping you, right?! Repping ALL sides of us. On RepItSocial flags can be made public or private, so you can have a personal flag with you and your significant other, or even a workgroup. It’s really up to the user how they want to use the platform.”

Eugene Smith

Can businesses and brands use RepItSocial?

Azalaya Fraser

Download The RepItSocial App To Win!

“On RepItSocial, we tried to think about every possible user. And as entrepreneurs of course we understand the value of networking., so we created “The Square”, which is an ecosystem for entrepreneurs to learn about and support each other. On The Square, businesses have 60 seconds to “rep” their business, product, or service with a video post. The post can also include your website URL, your buy URL and it even allows RepItSocial users to leave reviews of your product or service in the comments.

We’ve really focused on using different functionalities on the app together to give businesses and brands a stronger presence with users. For example, an aspiring rock star might first create a “Flag” for their music where they can post performances, upcoming events, releases and messages to their fans. They can showcase their talent on their “Rep It” feed and fans can purchase merch or stream music on the “The Square“.

Eugene Smith

The need to address mental health and mental health awareness is huge, and social media has been targeted as being damaging to our youth. What strides has RepItSocial made in creating a less toxic social media space?

Azalaya Fraser

“Mental health is very important to us. RepItSocial is designed to be a safe space for all users to explore and represent all sides of themselves. A feature of being able to segment the feeds with “flags” creates a customized space for each special part of our lives. Our focus groups reported that it really helps towards mental health by decreasing anxiety. With most of the huge platforms users are forced to post everything on one main feed., which makes negative commentary inevitable. So what happens is users will:

• Altogether just stop posting, because they’re afraid of being criticized or judged. 
• Post, get trolled, and become defensive.
• Hide parts of themselves that they love, and instead will post what they think is popular.

At some point, [social media] becomes “all about the likes and the followers”. We’ve stopped sharing who we are, and we post only for validation.  If left unchecked, social media can make people reduce their self-worth down to the approval of others.

RepItSocial is changing that mindset by allowing users to target their posts within the flags they’ve created, which are essentially small communities of like-minded people who share their same interests. This makes feedback positive and collaborative instead of negative and judgmental.

Eugene Smith

What does the Future hold for RepItSocial?

Azalaya Fraser

Well, it turns out that our algorithm for flags in creating like-minded communities, is exactly in line with the future of Web 3.0 projects, because crypto currency and wallets are dependent upon strong shared community values.
So……RepItSocial is moving into the crypto space with the new announcement of our REPX Token – The Official token of RepItSocial!
Now, our users can buy REPX Tokens in our token presale, to invest in the crypto integration of RepItSocial.
Once the integration is complete, users will be able to use their tokens to purchase products, tip other users for their amazing content and reward influencers that inspire. REPX tokens are earned through positive contributions to our app and users that hold the most tokens become influencers. Plus, REPX tokens can be cashed out for Ethereum, so users will be able to earn crypto simply for using our app! For your readers who want to learn more, we are releasing a Whitepaper outlining how the RepItSocial algorithm strengthens the use case of our new crypto token.

RepX Promo

In closing, after using RepItSocial I find it as a powerful tool. It offers me a safe space to foster online communities. It gives users like me the ability to invite people into my “tribe”, allowing us to build together under a shared flag. I’m excited about the future of RepItSocial and witnessing the evolution of social and Web3.0.

DC Life Magazine will continue to cover RepItSocial and other diverse Web 3.0 trailblazers, and we’ll check back with Azalaya to chronicle their progress. My experience has proven to me that community-building is an essential part or retaining all economic, social and family values. RepItSocial has stumbled into a great situation at the perfect time, creating a much needed solution for identifying and empowering diverse communities worldwide.

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Author Eugene Smith is the creative director of several online publications and a cultural-diversity author. He designs media and branding strategies to make an impact on the global community. Eugene uses his diverse background and upbringing to showcase cultural diversity through art, cuisine, music, and fashion with a passion for people and life.

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