Inspired by her own travels, Draffen provides a collection of real-life scenarios in her novel, Hyphened-Nation and the answer to a question many want the answer to: Why does The United States hyphenate its citizens by ethnicity before nationality?Author Nicole Draffen

This book is designed to spark attention over an issue plaguing people all around the world. Ideals and accounts are derived from personal experiences and make this book a credible source in this controversial topic. The United States of America is perhaps the only country in the world that places its citizens into an ethnic classification by hyphenating them. As Draffen delves into this important topic, she focuses on these ideas as to why we’ve allowed ourselves to be categorized as: African-American, Latin-American, or Asian-American.

Being treated as simply an American, rather than as a hyphenated one, led her to an epiphany, to write this illuminating book. With the hopes to change the mindset of our generation and those to come, she sparks many important debates and discussions.

With a critical analysis of how this hyphenation serves to limit economic, educational, societal, and cultural growth, the book also examines how to overcome this way of thinking and build bridges for the future. Ultimately, this book’s purpose is to lead to a positive and effective resolution. Check it out today.Only In America


The book currently has a website and associated social media sites.

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