Dark things book Her Angel, mandated by God, must protect Virginia’s life at all costs. When the serial killer discovers that she is alive and pregnant with his child, he’s determined to destroy them both. But, the Lord has decided to take this grossly detestable act that was meant for evil and turn it into the ultimate good. Who this child is destined by God to be, will change this World forever. In desperation, forces, both human and otherwise, gather to destroy Virginia and her unborn son in order to prevent this from ever happening, and the explosive battle that follows is enough to take your breath away…



DC Life Magazine has a chance to launch WriteNowLive; A podcast that gives Authors a platform to share the many lessons learned in navigating the bookseller’s world. We not only wanted to give the Author David Humphrey, Sr. an opportunity to introduce his book to our audience, but to also see if we could get his outlook on the industry and possibly some advice.

WNL: What are some factors that you think make your book unique and/or compelling within its genre?

David Humphrey, Sr.:

I believe that it’s unique because its a book about spiritual things written, from an African American perspective. It’s a book that looks behind the scenes into the cause and ‘whys’ of negative things that happen in our lives, of and who is really responsible for them, and that no matter what, God can, and will make them work out for our good if we trust Him to do that.

WNL: What genre is your book classified, and did you write your book with a certain reader in mind?

David Humphrey, Sr.:

I believe it would be classified as a supernatural thriller, I like to call it ‘an inspirational, supernatural thriller.

WNL: What are some challenges you faced with getting your book the distribution you think it deserves?

David Humphrey, Sr.:

Man, I thought that WRITING the book would be my greatest challenge, but I find that promotion and marketing require either a whole head full of knowledge or getting in touch with real qualified experts like you and Dan to be extremely important and incredibly valuable.

WNL: What advice would you give an up & coming author about the industry?

David Humphrey, Sr.:

The industry has really changed over the years remarkably so, opportunities now for new and up and coming writers is better than it has ever been. Working with print on demand publishers like yourselves is a wonderful opportunity for new writers and authors to get their foot in the door.

WNL: Where can our audience find your book so that they may enjoy it?


David Humphrey, Sr.:

This title is available on Amazon Kindle

My book is currently available via Amazon:

:Dark things book

An unfolding story of the ongoing battle against the rulers of darkness,