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The artist Gorilla Zoe is a self-described “open book“. His music has resonated with fans for over two decades and counting. HIs catalog chronicles his experiences navigating both the streets, and the music industry. However, in this interview Zoe goes deeper, reflecting on his personal evolution and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

It’s clear within a single conversation with Zoe that growth has been a key part of his journey. He shared how his music has been evolving as well as his perspective on life overall. These types of talks are food to the soul for me, I’m always eager to receive wisdom. Especially from folks with the gratitude to acknowledge our gifts and the will to share our blessings with others. I applaud him on his journey and hope that he continues to push, and share his success and blessings with the audience he empowers.

If you aren’t familiar with one of the Atlanta Greats, rapper Gorilla Zoe has carved out a space in the southern hip-hop scene. Rising to prominence in the late 2000s with his debut album “Welcome to the Zoo,” Zoe’s energetic flow and streetwise lyrics resonated with fans. After early success with the group Boyz n da Hood, he quickly established himself as a solo force, with hits like “Hood Figga” and “What It Is” featuring Rick Ross. Despite critical acclaim and commercial success, Zoe’s journey has been one of constant evolution, pushing him to explore new sounds and themes in his music.

I don’t get much time to sit down and visit with my friend very often, so I will share the best parts of our discussion and hold close what’s truly for me. Enjoy this Q&A with Gorilla Zoe, as he shares his thoughts on Truth, Spiritual Evolution, and Forgiveness. 

Q&A with Gorilla Zoe:

Gorilla Zoe

DJ Beige: Earlier on in our conversation you were describing a way that people’s expectations of you and what you are …tend to become “limiting”. I mentioned that it might be a symptom of them creating a “Static-Identity” for you to fit into their lives. You seemed to agree with me, could you expound?

Gorilla Zoe: Absolutely. It’s about how sometimes the people closest to you are the last to see your true growth. You can evolve, change your perspective, but they still see you through the lens of who you were. Oftentimes, the “Truth” is held hostage by one’s own narrow perspective. It takes time and sometimes forgiveness for them to “catch up”.

DJ Beige: Your music often explores the struggle against “base instincts“. For instance in your song “What You Want”. Is that a battle you still face? 

Gorilla Zoe: We all have that animalistic nature within us. The fight to avoid reacting impulsively, to choose a higher path – that’s a lifelong battle. But forgiveness is key. Forgiving others, but also forgiving myself for past mistakes.

DJ Beige: We talked about having to grow-up, now getting to Grow Beyond. You said, through your growth process you find yourself “tapping-in” to a sense of purpose. How has that impacted your life? 

Gorilla Zoe: Realizing we’re all connected, part of something bigger, brings responsibility. It means giving back, uplifting others, even if it means getting hurt. It’s about gratitude for the platform I have. Fortunately I still have hidden gifts that keep being revealed to me, and this continues to show me that what I’m walking with is different…special.

Gorilla Zoe’s candidness and introspection are like a breath of fresh air in today’s music scene. His journey embodies resilience, growth, and a relentless pursuit of authenticity. As he prepares to unleash his latest musical offering, “The Count,” on May 21st, it’s evident that Zoe’s story is far from over. Be on the lookout for more Gorilla Zoe classics throughout 2024 as he plans to drop songs each and every month.