The Introduction

There are plenty of DJs in the DMV,  but none as well connected to the music industry as DJ Jo’Iyce. Iyce has built and maintained the respect of his peers through his sincerity, his unmatched dedication, and work ethic. People who have had the pleasure of being around him would tell you that they love hearing his clever and often comical perspective.

When I met DJ Jo’Iyce, he was in the process of hand-selecting a “dream team” of the dopest club DJs in the DMV.  His mission was to recruit the founding crew of the Coalition DJs DMV. Jo’Iyce had won the trust and respect of the Coalition, and he had proven that he was the right team leader for working DJs to model. He provides opportunities for DJs and an outlet for local artists through his radio show on 93.9 WKYS (The Overnight Show – WTF 2am-6am) and through his residency at Stadium Club in D.C.

Iyce has toured with platinum-selling artists in the business, like Future Hendrxx. He is an accomplished songwriter and an emcee himself, and he is continuously working on his craft by creating music in the studio that is both notable and relevant to the culture. Outside of the music industry, he is a committed father, an entrepreneur, and an investor in technology and in the stock market.

Most recently, radio personality and Coalition DJ Jo’Iyce created a “vibe” that he has titled “7 Seconds”. Through introspection, he has blessed us with his own collection of urban soundscapes that give listeners a clear understanding of his musical point of view. I hear a maturity and confidence in this project that goes far beyond just being a DJ. Jo’Iyce is wise beyond his years, which should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with hip-hop culture. Hip-hop culture is now and will always be fascinated and obsessed with reality and the truth that lies within. The truth finds comfort in real hip-hop, and real hip-hop does not exist outside of the truth. DJ Jo’Iyce has been able to condense his latest experiences into a 9-track EP that though without many words speak volumes of truth.

“I couldn’t afford a professional to shoot him with a tranquilizer dart, so I had to find a safer and cheaper way of immobilizing the elusive DJ for questioning. I was able to hijack his newest Soirée Party Bus with good vape, libations, and conversation.” – Eugene Smith


The Interview

DCL: Is “7 seconds” considered an LP, EP or a mixtape?

DJ Jo’Iyce: “7 Seconds” is an Instrumental EP.

DCL: Is “7 Seconds” your first “official” music release ever or first for Soirée?

DJ Jo’Iyce: My first official release not including mixtapes with me as an emcee. FIRST SOIREE PROJECT.

DCL: What is a vibe?

DJ Jo’Iyce: A vibe is when you hear a sound or beat and [sic] travel within your own mind. That’s when the vibe is created. The music is the vehicle. The vibe is when your mind hits the gas and travels to that mental place… the sound guides you. Everyone’s vibe is different! Listen to projects like “7 Seconds” and find yours.

DCL: Tell us more about Soirée?

DJ Jo’Iyce: Soirée is a new venture I just began once I decided to manage my artist, Ten P, who also has a single called “Ready” on all platforms released through Soirée music.

DCL: How long were you in the studio with this project?

DJ Jo’Iyce: This project was produced so fast; I went into the studio, caught a “vibe”, and ran with it. It honestly took me maybe 2 weeks to complete “7 Seconds”.

DCL: When can we expect more from you?

DJ Jo’Iyce: I’m actually dropping another instrumental EP this spring titled “Trap Deck”, which is the gutter version of “7 seconds” for lack of better words. It has more of an aggressive sound than relaxed. Its always a vibe; this is just a totally different feel from “7 Seconds”.

DCL: How do you see people using this music… should they be just listening to it, or freestyling over it, or should they write songs to it and license the rights from you?

DJ Jo’Iyce: All my music is licensed to myself [sic] Soirée music. I would like the world to listen to “7 Seconds” rap if you want, sing if you want or relax and let your mind create a visual that matches the vibe you catch. Reflect on happy or even sad moments it is all about being one with the sound.

DCL: What else does Soirée have planned for the world?

DJ Jo’Iyce: We plan to release Ten P EP this summer that is going to be amazing to stay on the lookout for that. Also, don’t forget “Trap Deck”

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