Bigg Sipp CDJSI have known DJ Bigg Sipp for a while, and it’s time that he received his roses. Sipp is a local legend that would never “Go Hollywood”, because he’s just too humble and dedicated to his craft. I’ve seen him consistently put energy into everything he does, but not for self-gain, Sipp does it for “the culture”. He’s helped me to expand my view of the business of being a DJ. Bigg Sipp proves that there is more to spinning records than just “keeping the party going”. By watching him work as a student of the game, I began to actually notice the art. At their best a talented DJ is streaming coherent thoughts and emotions through songs and sound.  

DJ Bigg Sipp shows genuine excitement that he expresses for he and his fellow DJs work, therefore he liberates those in his presence to “take off their cool” and enjoy the moment. For instance, I was able to see Sipp return to his inner-child during the Coalition DJs DMV’s 16-hour DJ Marathon Anniversary. Maybe it was the freedom of not having to deal with shady promoters, or maybe it was just he & the Coalition DJs Crew showing-off. Whatever it was that got into him that night was contagious, and the energy spread as we successfully created a “Virtual Safe-Space” for the DJs to express themselves. I never thought I was able to listen to music for 16 hours straight and not lose my mind, but Sipp’s energy had each DJ pushing themselves. 

It reminded me of my youth, when me and my friends were challenging each other to perfect tricks on our bikes or skateboards. Except these guys were all very talented professional DJ’s, expressing themselves through their musical art form. It was a real treat, and it became one of those moments that will forever be unmatched. Yes, I had an epiphany. Life is held together by these moments that drag you into the present and  force you to pay attention. Sometimes its danger, sometimes it’s love, but this was the joy of people pushing themselves to the edges of their development.

DJ Bigg Sipp and crewI know it’s a stretch to some people, but I felt as if I was watching an urban DJ Olympics. As a kid on my skateboard I’d have laughed in your face if you told me that future olympics would drop wrestling, and have skateboarding. Some people would rather watch British baking competitions, but that’s not my culture. I’m a child of Hip-hop, and I see it as my duty to identify the successors. Bigg Sipp is the “NEO” from The Matrix, he is “Q” from Juice, he is your favorite DJ’s favorite DJ. Long live DJ Bigg Sipp, and may he forever do it for the culture.



Interview With DJ Bigg Sipp


“I got my first hard drive of music twelve years ago from DJ Gemini at his Dad’s record store. Gemini would call me and have me host and sometimes open up for him. DJs like Gemini are meticulous about how a host can add to the show, when they work closely to complement the DJ.”

COVID-19 has provided an opportunity for DJs to introduce nightclub culture to different music when the city opens back up. What genres would you include in your Urban Club Mix for your clubbers in 2021?


“I want to see RNB back in the clubs. I think that bringing back “feel-good” music could change the culture for the better. There needs to be freedom for DJs to add some diversity to their set. Lets play songs that get people to react and enjoy themselves. Maybe COVID-19 will bring back appreciation for the present”. 


Name some acts that influenced you to take DJing seriously?

“The one artist that solidified my DJ experience was when I hosted Jeezy, and EDM DJ Woflgang Gardener. I felt the energy, and I knew I had to do this. Wolfgang Gartener took the stage and had everyone focused on him. He never said a word, and it changed my life. This shit is different.”


What is some things people might not know about your brand?

“My entire career I have been hosting and interviewing artists, and every now and then they reach back out. I’ve done everything possible to help deserving artists. I make strides to align myself with artists all over the DMV. Also, many DJs have been getting their music from me for over a decade. Many rappers and artists that you have heard of have an old interview with DJ Bigg Sipp on the books.”


Give me one challenge to being a “Club DJ” in the DMV?

“I keep remaking myself to stay relevant by working with other DJs and unsigned artists as well as major signed acts.