Yo-Yo is an American rapper from Los Angeles, California.  If you were in your teens or a young adult in the 90s, you would remember listening to her music.  Her name is also known as Yolanda Whitaker.  Aside from being a rapper, Yo-Yo is an actress, educator, and philanthropist. 


Yo-Yo | Photo courtesy of Fearless Ent.


Knowingly, celebrities can visit DC for honorable reasons.  This past August, Yo-Yo was in the city for the Salute Her Awards that is presented by Toyota USA.  To add to the awards celebration, the event is also a fundraiser that unites Black and Latino women.  Mocha Cares Foundation raises money for housing and services to decrease homelessness and domestic violence.  Cafe Mocha Radio Show hosted the awards and Yo-Yo is a host on the WBLS-FM 107.5 show airing on Saturdays from 8-10 AM. 

Yo-Yo and I chatted about her visit and current career.  As a fashion blogger, I had to ask about Yo-Yo’s style.  Listen to the interview below to find out more about her dreams of working with June Ambrose.  We also talked about tour predictions for the music industry and the Yo-Yo School of Hip Hop music academy.

The Interview