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Uesa Vintage Clothing

I’ve been featured on Daily Candy – article titled “Goods Stuff”, I was contacted by Meredith Barnett, Editorial Director of ebay’s The Inside Source, which featured me in their 10 To Do’s in Washington, DC

$39.95 dollars of fabulousness!

Have you checked out the latest in online shopping? A site that actually finds items according to your style specifications. Items are all $39.95 how fabulous!?

Concrete Artisans-01

This slideshow gives a look at the concrete artisans variety of services offered.

DC Life Magazine: A Lobster Boil Rookie

The first time I ever cooked a lobster. 🙁 A compilation of the funnier, and slightly pathetic moments. For the actual recipe, take a look at:

Jennie Tai’s Take on Recipe Box Lobster Rolls

The Hungry Muse Jennie Tai gives us a glimpse of her take on Recipe Box Lobster Rolls. This yummy recipe even has a cute video attached.