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DC Life Magazine – Civet Cat Coffee

Eugene Smith takes to the 57th Annual Fancy Food Show at the Washington, Convention Center in D.C. In this clip he tastes Coffee made from beans that have been extracted from Civet cats….a “Delicacy”, it sells for $30 a cup.

Uesa Vintage Clothing

I’ve been featured on Daily Candy – article titled “Goods Stuff”, I was contacted by Meredith Barnett, Editorial Director of ebay’s The Inside Source, which featured me in their 10 To Do’s in Washington, DC

$39.95 dollars of fabulousness!

Have you checked out the latest in online shopping? A site that actually finds items according to your style specifications. Items are all $39.95 how fabulous!?

Concrete Artisans-01

This slideshow gives a look at the concrete artisans variety of services offered.

DC Life Magazine: A Lobster Boil Rookie

The first time I ever cooked a lobster. 🙁 A compilation of the funnier, and slightly pathetic moments. For the actual recipe, take a look at:

Jennie Tai’s Take on Recipe Box Lobster Rolls

The Hungry Muse Jennie Tai gives us a glimpse of her take on Recipe Box Lobster Rolls. This yummy recipe even has a cute video attached.