Some people will hear this record and say that it is a classic electro-synth sound, but perhaps there’s more just beneath the surface.

The album produced by Jeremy Bose and Trent Dabbs at Mild Manor is titled Siren, and their songs show signs of emotional growth and maturity in every track.


“They have successfully captured a sound that is unique & refreshing and the exact elixir for the love-sick millennial. ”


Sure, some will hear this record and say it is the classic Electro-synth sound, but these songs speak about the lessons of love and loss. I think that there is more to this album than what is on the surface, I think Young Summer’s new album is a hit.

It’s not just the lyrics or the tracks that make this album special, but the totality of the songstress/production ensemble. The offering of the two and their blend makes for a special sound that reminds me of the days I first felt the depths of love. It captures the extreme highs and lows of a rocky young love affair and delivers them in one cool, yet mature reflection.

This is traveling music that I will enjoy listening to from beginning to end non-stop… It is just one of those albums. I anticipate Bobbie Allen and her team giving us much more great work from their collaboration, but Siren should be enough to get me through the upcoming seasons of love and change. Great job and thank you.

Last week, Young Summer played shows in the Northeast including New York and Boston. They hit the road again in September, playing the All Things Go Fall Classic featuring Future Islands and Tove Lo on September 13, 2014. The group will join hit singer/songwriter Mary Lambert in a few shows on the West Coast in September. For more information on All Things Go, Mary Lambert and other tour dates, visit the link below. 

Young Summer’s debut LP, Siren, comes out August 26th be sure to get it.