The DC Tattoo Expo had artists from all over the country gathered to show off their skill sets and products.

There were T-shirt designers, caricaturists, makeup developers, piercing artists, women’s fashion designers, jewelry designers and merchandise vendors in the building.

I was truly excited about this event and mostly for my daughter because she is a stellar artist herself, drawing anime-style characters for the past several years.  She’s thinking of pursuing a career in tattoo artistry, and I wanted to give her an opportunity to ask questions and closely observe.

She’s currently a sophomore in high school, and I was really disheartened last year when she expressed to me that she wasn’t interested in pursuing college. I (like most parents), have always spoken to my child about how important being educated is and after deep thought, I realized that it is far more valuable to specifically teach her to pursue her actual passions – even if it falls outside the conventional route a parent would advise to their child.

So, I learned of the DC Tattoo Expo and decided to give her a first-hand walk into the world of body art.

We spoke with NY-based design company, SKYGRAPHX , with impressive T-shirt and hoodie designs, The Old School Tattoo Company, based out of Colorado, and Jacob Sheffield of Welcome Back Tattoo Studio based in Michigan.

My young one asked what the most challenging aspect of being a tattoo artist is, and was told that the sanitation practices and clean up will likely be the most trying to deal with as an artist.  The safety requirements associated with body art are definitely major for anyone beginning in the industry.

I was very pleased to see DMV-based companies represent for the area.  Those businesses include Black Water Tattoo and Design based in Sterling, VA, Bethesda Tattoo Company, and Beng Cerdenia of BengC Cool Gifts and Hot Intimates (eBay and Amazon ID: bengc) — this one was my favorite because it sold clothes that gave your body the appearance of having tattoos.  (I could be late on knowing about this, but it excited me.)

I spoke with my daughter the next morning, and she thanked me for bringing her and said she had fun.  Anyone who is familiar with my daughter would know that this is a huge deal.  She barely expresses enthusiasm about ANYTHING.  The teenage angst is real.

I would say that Mommy mission for the day was accomplished.