If you want to get a crash course in all things alcohol with a local perspective, its a great documentary to watch.

The Smithsonian Channel’s “The United States of Drinking,” a documentary about how to make different types of alcohol ranging from moonshine to wine, held its premiere party at the Brixton (901 U St., N.W.) last week. Josh Ozersky, host of the documentary, the producers,  people who were interviewed in the film and even the cameramen were all present to watch their hard work come to fruition on the small screen.

The documentary follows Ozersky, historian and food writer, as he travels throughout Maryland, Virginia and the District to learn how moonshine, gin, whiskey, beer, and wine are made as well as the history behind the drinks. He also goes in search of the “most American” drink he can find.

Ozersky travels to a gin distillery in DC, the Flying Dog beer brewery in Frederick, Md., a Virginia winery and much more. Along the way, he learns exactly how to make each type of alcohol and the rich history behind every sip we take.

The premiere party featured finger foods like mini burger sliders and pizza bites to munch on before, during and after the showing. There was also an open bar that incorporated the alcohol Ozersky mentioned and visited in the film.

If you want to get a crash course in all things alcohol with a local perspective, it’s a great documentary to watch. Sprinkled with Ozersky’s “everyman” humor and interesting facts about making alcohol (did you know that you can distill moonshine into beer?), it’s both an enjoyable and knowledgeable film to see.

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