Here is a list of some great holiday apps to keep your spirits up all month long!

As temperatures drop and the days get shorter, are you looking for a little extra holiday cheer to keep your spirits up? Well, we found some of the best apps to keep your thoughts away from the cold and focused on the wonderful holiday season coming up. From some well-known apps to a few hidden gems, we have a great collection to share with you.

igive gifts iconiGive Gifts: Use this app this holiday season, or anytime during the year, to keep track of what gifts you have received and which ones you have so kindly given to your loved ones! You can even set a budget and monitor how much you are spending to make sure you stay organized and not spend every last penny when shopping.

Food Network In the Kitchen: This gorgeously-designed and easy-to-use app will certainly amp up your cooking, just in time for the holidays! With the help of instructional video clips, unit converters, and full-length, thoroughly explained recipes, you can wow all of your relatives with your incredible cooking achievements this holiday season. Best of all, the app is free! Now you don’t have to spend a dime to pay for priceless cooking advice!

elf dance jibjab iconElf Dance by JibJab: Remember those hilarious videos where you uploaded photos of your friends and family and cast them in a ridiculous and amusing dance number, performed by elves? Well, whether you do or not, check out JibJab’s app and get ready for hours of endless entertainment. All you need to do is download Elf Dance, take or upload pictures of your friends’ faces and then enjoy watching as they dance and jump around! This version contains a few risqué moves, so think about Christmas: Starring You!, also created by JibJab, if you want to include the little ones.

Christmas Countdown!: What could be better than tracking how many days, hours, and minutes are left until Christmas? Download this app for your iPhone or iPad and let the countdown begin! You can even personalize the timer with your favorite holiday character, like Santa or Rudolph!

Traditional Christmas Carols Collection icon

Traditional Christmas Carols Collection: On the off chance you are going caroling and did not have time to memorize any of the words to the songs – check out this app! It has the lyrics to eighteen Christmas Carols and includes twenty holiday-themed wallpapers for the background of your iPhone or iPad!

Santa Tracker – North Pole Command Center: Last, but certainly not least, this app allows you to pinpoint Santa’s location anywhere in the world as he makes his way delivering gifts on Christmas Eve! You can also take the reins and test drive Santa’s sleigh. The app also includes some fun Christmas music and a countdown the big day, to keep you thinking about Christmas all month long!

Never be in need of cooking tips, Christmas countdowns, or elf dances ever again – these apps will keep you organized and your spirits up all the way through New Years!