A collection of fantastic, never-before-seen works by the “Rockstar of the Art World” will be on display and available for purchase.

Michael Godard, the “Rockstar of the Art World,” is a new and yet already wildly successful artist who looks like a rock star and paints like a trained professional. As written on his site, Godard’s paintings  “show pain, love, conflict, and success, making people smile, laugh, godard_66505_111399reminisce, and exclaim, “Oh My God..ard!”

The notoriously wild and great lover of art, Ozzy Osbourne said of the artist, “We both love to see people respond to our art and it’s probably why we’ve been given a gift to create and entertain. Get ready to go crazy over the artwork of Michael Godard.” It is no surprise then that his works are purchased by anyone and everyone from private collectors to famous celebrities around the world.

Much of Godard’s work is light-hearted and infused with subtle humor. His subjects typically range from drunken olives dancing on martini glasses to scantily clad strawberries lounging in champagne flutes.

However, some of his pieces have more emotional undertones. His philanthropic-inspired “Hearts of Hope” collection was created in memory of his sixteen-year-old daughter who passed away from brain cancer in 2006. Godard’s characteristic black background provides a stark contrast to the beautiful, colorful hearts of these pieces.

A never-before-seen collection of Michael Godard’s artwork will be on display and available for acquisition at two Wentworth Gallery locations, one in Bethesda, Maryland (1-4 pm) and the other in McLean, Virginia (6-9 pm), on Saturday, August 23, 2014. Godard, himself, will be making special appearances at both locations, so get ready for an exhibition of a lifetime!