On October 7, 2016, the new IMAX film “Voyage of Time” opens to the public at the Air and Space Museum in downtown Washington, D.C. The 40-minute film, narrated by Brad Pitt, takes the audience on a journey from the beginnings of the universe, to the age of the dinosaurs, and finally to the human world we know today. The film asks “What is it to be us here and now?”

Director Terrence Malick and the creative team truly went to every corner of the Earth to gather the footage used in the film. Some shots used come from Chile, Iceland, the South Seas, and several parts of the continental United States. Along with that, Malick wanted the film to be as scientifically accurate as possible and consulted several scientists, including Dr. Andrew Knoll, the Fisher Professor of Natural History at Harvard University, and NASA consultants.

“Malick wanted every shot in the film to feel like it was drawn by a different artists’ hand,” says Karen Gardiner, marketing manager for the Smithsonian.

Malick and the creative team used many special effects that have a basis in reality. To achieve these effects, they gathered images from NASA, the European Space Agency, and Hubble.

“‘Voyage of Time’ is a unique release for Smithsonian theaters.” Gardiner continues. “This film represents the perfect convergence of art and science, and it will not only move you, but it will dazzle your senses and your imagination.”

View the trailer below!