In spite of the rain, loyalty to the cause was exercised at the 2nd Annual National Cannabis Festival this past Saturday at RFK Stadium.  Hundreds gathered with their umbrellas, ponchos, and enthusiasm to herbal fellowship.

There were an array of tents set up for vendors that had goodies for sale such as vape pen sets, bongs, filters, grinders, and discreet containers.  I had the pleasure of speaking with an amazing artist named Linda Biggs, who creates beautiful fantasy and fairy art.


Food trucks were lined up to satisfy the “munchies” portion of our experience.  I must say I went face first into a delicious chicken crepe along with a lobster sandwich.  The lines were continuous because the food was amazing.

There was a tent that housed some of DMV’s finest local stars such as Visto and Pinky Killacorn, who performed during the earlier portion of the festival.
 I noticed that the adult store Le Tache was a sponsor of the event, and I kept that in mind when I saw one of the festival attendees who left very little to the imagination of her curvy physique – wearing a sheer lingerie style skirt that showed her undergarments.  I definitely believe she got the reactions she was aiming for.

I appreciated the fact that I learned quite a few things as well.  There are companies called Capital City Organics and Steep Hill Express that test out the potency of a cannabis strain.  I also learned how vape pens work, so I appreciated DMV Organics for breaking everything down.

The phenomenal hip-hop group Pharcyde blessed the stage with their 90’s hits and Anwan Glover from the Backyard Band rocked the mic as well.  You wouldn’t have even been able to tell that the rain was nonstop because the crowd participation was amazing.  The festival closed out with the legendary Talib Kweli not only performing some of his current and signature songs, but he shared his thoughts on the attacks he has received via social media.  He mentioned that some of the same messages of bringing awareness to racial inequities that was so well received by the diverse crowd of attendees are attacked on a daily basis online – even to the point of Kweli being called a racist.
Activists also spoke on the progress being made in Congress.  The messages reinforced the importance of being involved in politics with law-making officials, especially at the local level.

A beautiful time, a beautiful event, despite the not-so-beautiful weather that day.

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