Being a fashion blogger who loves to find new brands, I attend pop-ups on occasion.  Therefore, I meet the founders of great new clothing companies.  In early November 2019, I visited Veer & Wander at 1260 5th St., NE in Washington, DC.  It hosted a pop-up shop for, époque évolution.

Founders of Époque Évolution

Founders of Époque Évolution


Nancy Taylor and Hannah Franco founded époque évolution and were doing well.  The  decor at the pop-up shop was perfect for the product’s minimalist look and the brand’s San Francisco roots.   Which included a nice changing room ambiance that was created with an oriental style room divider.  Customers were able to try on samples and really consider shopping for the collection.  Rosé wine was given as customers viewed the sample pieces from the collection.



Brichavon in a Époque Évolution dress

Brichavon in a dress from Époque Évolution



Brichavon in a crop top and pant from Époque Évolution



Brichavon and founders of Époque Évolution


Époque évolution has just started about two years ago.  Thankfully they are offering comfort, quality fabric, fashion-forward looks, and reasonable prices.  


An interview with the founders of Époque Évolution is below to learn more about the brand.