Performance by the original Human Beat-box Doug E. Fresh at the Maloof Money Cup 2011 in Washington, DC RFK Stadium.

Despite being aged to perfection, the original human beatbox Doug E. Fresh still proved he could “ROCK THE MIC”. After all, the man is still an Emcee, and you had better not forget it. The ability to step onto a stage and not just hold a crowds attention, but to captivate a crowd is rare. Doug E. Fresh has that “something” that is both a spectacle and a timeless monument within hip-hop culture.

However, there was a downside to being at Doug E.’s most recent performance, there was a sadness I felt when I realized how I have taken this phenomenon of hip-hop for granted since childhood. I had all but forgotten him for so many years, and with him was lost the part of me that recognized true Emcee’s. (Or at least the responsibilities of a Real Emcee)

(I now have a new “Hip-hop Bucket List)

I really have a lot of old music to go by, and start “Remembering”Ā  myself before I’m old…. and somebody tries to take me for granted.

Thank you, Mr. Fresh,