(Photos in this article courtesy of @HallVision on Instagram)

Rain has been the underlying theme of festivals in the past month.  I’m 2 for 2 on the inclement weather situation but, you’d never know how anti-festival the weather was looking at the energy of the attendees.

For anyone who doesn’t know the origin of the Broccoli Festival, it began as an organic T-shirt brand that expanded into the education of a healthier lifestyle in the urban community and curated brands that supported that mission.

TIDAL sponsored the Broccoli Fest and had giveaways for people who visited their tint.  You can still catch the festival footage with a TIDAL subscription https://tidal.com/video/73524593.

Local businesses had the opportunity to show off their amazing products such as Black Genius Art Show, Nubian Hueman, Asli Pure Natural Body Care, The O Factory, the Dreams of Scottie Benjamin, the Paradyce Shop, No Chaser Beard Oil, and Yesterday Nite.  I had the privilege of speaking with the artist behind Black Genius Art Show (based out of Baltimore). He spoke about how his artwork has crossed over into his day job as a teacher and is adding a wonderful direction to both of his careers.

(Black Genius Art Show Items showcased at the Broccoli Festival 2017)

One of my favorite portions of the festival (personally) had to be where the host of the Main Stage conducted crowd participation by requesting talented vocalists to show off their skills.  There was a young lady who sang a very reminiscent version of Erykah Badu’s “Tyrone” and a beautiful lady by the name of Veronica King (who is in the DC Top 20 network) that showed off her vocals as well.

(Patron showcasing her vocals during audience participation portion)

21 Savage hyped the crowd despite the depressing weather – it rained until sunset, but you would never know looking at the loyal fans who sang along and cheered them on.

(21 Savage performs at Broccoli Festival in Washington, DC)

The highlight of my night (however) came in the form’ of the member of a megastar family.  Solange and her stage presence was the epitome of 80’s funk/pop vibes with an undertone of neo soul.  She communicated a very intimate feel with her band and background singers joining into her choreography.  She performed most of the songs from her album, “A Seat at the Table” along with her hit song “Tony”, that gained much popularity upon its release in 2008.

The festival concluded with faithful patrons weathering the muddy grass for Rae Sremmurd. The energy was amazing and uplifting as black excellence (once again) proved to be the ultimate winning force to conclude a successful event in the heart of our nation’s capital.