Polish-born actor and director Adi Spektor (www.adispektor.com) wins Best LGBTQ Film award, for his second directed film, “A Miracle of Hanukkah”, which was completely created on an iPhone 6 mobile device, at the 15th Annual Miami Short Film Festival last week.

The award-winning smartphone film, which beat out over 900 paid submissions, was written by C Jay Cox (“Sweet Home Alabama” and “New in Town”) and Adi Spektor, and directed by Spektor.

“Human beings are wonderfully complex and “typecasting” in life, will prevent us from fully getting to know and understand each other,” explains Adi Spektor. “By combining the world of Jewish religion, LGBTQ and BDSM in ‘A Miracle of Hanukkah’, I was taking a risk. However, I am very happy, how well this controversial film has been accepted into the world.”

Produced by Blue Phantom Productions, and filmed at a famed BDSM Dungeon in Los Angeles, “A Miracle of Hanukkah” stars Greg Ivan Smith (“Scary Larry”), Jay Lindsay (“Hysteria”) and Adi Spektor (“Scandal”), and follows a man who arrives home early from a business trip to celebrate the first day of Hanukkah with his loved one, all to find a twisted supernatural surprise waiting for him.

“A Miracle of Hanukkah” Poster

The wildly successful film first premiered on April 2016 at the LGBT Film Festival in Warsaw, Poland, where it was enthusiastically accepted by the audience, and went on to be screened in five additional cities around Poland. The movie has since been screened in the US, Romania, and Mexico.

“A Miracle of Hanukkah” was recently nominated for Best Comedy Short at the San Antonio QFest and Out Here Now in Kansas City LGBT Film Festival.

Watch “A Miracle of Hanukkah” official trailer: https://youtu.be/dG7WYmx22E0

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