Expedia.com teamed up with DC Life Magazine to spotlight four breweries in the area.

During summer in Washington, D.C., a cold beer pairs perfectly with a hot and muggy afternoon. From the chilled pint glass to the crisp carbonated bubbles, a few swigs can help cool you down in the nation’s capital. As the temperatures continue to linger in the low 90s F, DC Beer Week arrived just in time. This week, D.C. was celebrating its local hops, brews, and ales with tasting events and seminars across the district.

Here at Expedia, just the thought of sampling some stouts made us thirsty, so we turned to our friends at DC Life Magazine for some insight into the local brewing scene. We got the taste for some of the most talked about breweries in the capital and selected a few hot spots to highlight. Swing by these breweries in honor of beer week or stop in anytime for a sip of the local charm.

Photo courtesy of DC Brau Brewing Co.

DC Brau Brewery

The nation’s capital has beer to call its very own thanks to DC Brau Brewing Company. Eager to represent the region, this brewery jumped on the opportunity to become D.C.’s first production brewery since the 1950s. Both a brewery and tap room, Brau offers tours, fills growlers, and sells cans. For an all-American taste, try some of “The Public™ Pale Ale,” or sample the “The Corruption™ IPA,” which is an East Coast version of the Pacific Northwest IPA. Looking to go out with a bang? Brave the ultra-hoppy “SOLAR ABYSS DIPA.”

Photo Credit Justin Stone

Hellbender Brewing Company

Although it’s fresh on the D.C. craft brew scene, Hellbender Brewing Company is already making a name for itself. The brewery opened shop in 2014, embracing sustainable brewing techniques and serving epic-tasting beer. Cool down with a sip of its “Southern Torrent Saison,” a citrusy golden ale that certainly can compete with the D.C. heat, or hop on the “Red Line Ale” train for a flavorful red with some orange and toffee goodness. From the “Bare Bones Kolsch” to the “Ella KPA,” toast to sweet summertime at this brewery in the district.

Photo courtesy of Atlas Brew Works

Atlas Brew Works

Drop a pin at Atlas Brew Works, a brewery that provides your road map to some of the most flavorful brews in the city. Its “Rowdy” hop-forward rye ale is bold—just like its name suggests—as it boasts three kinds of hops and a blend of specialty malts. Meanwhile, Atlas’ “NSFW” Imperial/ Double Black IPA outshines the lighter brews. Dangerously hoppy with a bite of bitterness, this is the kind of beer that puts hairs on your chest. Venture over to the tasting room or join one of the Saturday brewery tours to taste what Atlas is brewing up.

Right Proper Brewing Company

Do the right and proper thing and knock back a few at this D.C. brewpub. Right Proper Brewery whips up wheat beers and golden ales, using its very own strains of yeast. Ever wondered what the Finnish tradition of sahti brewing tasted like? We have too, and now’s your chance to find out with a glass of the “Naisten Sahti,” which exudes a hearty, rugged flavor. For a more decadent, dessert-like drink, dive into the Haxan, a robust porter with the sweetness of coffee and dark chocolate. Then wash down your brews with some of the pub’s grub, such as the hand-cut fries or the Southern fried chicken filet.

While it’s not too late to join some of the DC Beer Week 2015 events, check out these breweries anytime you’re feeling thirsty in the nation’s capital. With light and crispy ales and dark and heavy IPAs, D.C. is earning the district a craft beer reputation.

Written by Chloe Mulliner, Expedia staff writer