For week three of our weekly series on trendy, affordable retailers we take a closer look at

What we love about Tobi is how accessible this retailer makes current trends. Their affordable prices and varying styles make it so easy for anyone to find an outfit for any occasion.  Need a dress for your birthday next weekend? Tobi has it. Need a dress for an upcoming work event? Tobi has it. Or how about just a cool top for a concert you’re hitting up downtown? Seriously, Tobi has it.  They have such a wide selection that you could spend hours going through its numerous pages of clothing, denim, shoes, bags, jewelry, beauty products, and even household decorations. They even feature some well-known designers but with a higher price tag than the majority of their items.

We’re loving Tobi’s: range of product, sleeved-dresses, mini-skirts, opaque fabrics, heat-beating tops, and bold cocktail rings.

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