A crowded convention hall holds visitors of all types and sizes but shows only a fraction of the over 34,000 total attendees this year.

After 14 years in Charm City, Otakon, the largest convention of Japanese and East Asian anime and pop culture on the East Coast, has officially outgrown its venue.  By 2017 the event will be set to move from Baltimore’s Convention Center at the Inner Harbor to D.C.’s larger Walter E. Washington Convention Center.  And with the move, will come growth.  This year alone, the convention, held August 9-11th, attracted over 34,000 visitors.  By 2017, upwards of 40,000 attendees are expected to show up for the three-day event.

What will this mean for D.C. locals?  Get ready for hoards of winged, wigged, sword-wielding, all-out costumed anime fans to flock the city streets.  Otakon’s spirited fans have taken costumed conventions to a whole new level.  View our slideshow of images from Otakon 2013 to see some of the wildest and most original costumes to make an appearance this year, and to take a look behind the scenes at this unique convention of East Asian music, anime, manga, and more, before it hits the capital.

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