March 16th marked the launch of a new solo exhibition at Morton Fine Art Gallery, located on Florida Ave NW in DC. “Veils and Transparencies” by Choichun Lueng is a must-see for all of DC’s art aficionados!

This past Friday, March 16th, the cheese and crackers were out, the wine was chilled, and the latest artwork from contemporary painter Choichun Leung was on display in a new exhibit- “Veils and Transparencies” – featured at DC’s own Morton Fine Art.

And, as the attendees of the exhibit launch would surely concur with, Leung’s work was nothing short of a striking visual experience.

Owner and chief curator at Morton Fine Art, Amy Morton, was busy days in advance preparing for the exhibit launch, by  “[doing] outreach to Choichun’s collectors, press and art enthusiasts.”  Leung, who is on Morton’s roster of regularly displayed artists, first worked with MFA and Morton in conjunction with *a pop-up project’s exhibition “Ritual: Form, Script, Gesture” in Bethesda in 2010, and then again in March of 2011 with a solo exhibition entitled “The Memory of Water.”

Described by Morton as “rhythmic, subtle [and] yet extremely rich in coloration and texture- timeless, atmospheric and deeply personal,” “Veils and Transparencies” left attendees of the exhibition opening in awe of Leung’s undeniable gifts as an artist and visual communicator. A departure from Leung’s signature “scripting” past works the paintings on display full of raw emotion and energy despite the lack of literal wording.

In fact, Leung describes her process as “purely emotional…governed by the materials, colors, and energies of the piece.” This was all too apparent at the “Veils and Transparencies” launch; Leung’s emotions were practically palpable as her pieces decorated the walls of MFA.

“Veils and Transparencies will be on display at MFA until April 11th. As for what MFA has planned for the rest of the spring season, Morton described the gallery as being “very busy!” with two more solo exhibitions and one large group exhibitions.

If Choichun Leung’s “Veils and Transparencies” was any indication, MFA’s upcoming displays are a definite must-see!

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