The historical Meridian Hill Park is the perfect place for some peaceful meditation.

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years, with some of its first forms dating back 5,000 years ago in India. Some interpret earlier forms of meditation from cave men drawings, holding beliefs that meditation has been practiced since the Stone Age. After all these years, meditation is still prevalent today in modern times. Meditation is used for spiritual practices, as a stress reliever, and for relaxation.

There is no specific place where one has to go to meditate, however, there are many places in the DC area that are great for meditation. One of these places being Meridian Hill Park in Columbia Heights. This 12-acre park is filled with a low cut grass field, evergreen trees, historic statues, and a breathtaking waterfall. The many elements of this park make it the perfect place to meditate. In addition to the beautiful scenery, every Sunday between 3 pm and 9 pm there is a drum circle. The rhythm of the drums welcomes everyone in the park to dance.