Let’s bring out the “fierce” in February by celebrating fearless beauty queens with cat eyes and dark brown hair. These flawless traits can only describe the breathtaking Middle Eastern actresses who have put Bollywood on the map for being the largest film industry in the world. Not only are they showing up on the red carpet for Hollywood award ceremonies but major fashion magazine companies are investing in creating their own ‘Bollywood’ subscription. Showing off their exotic looks along with some juicy gossip pasted on the magazine covers have caught the attention of many viewers and have taken the entertainment world by storm. Consequently, Hollywood has embraced these exotic beauties with open arms as they take on the spotlight with adoring grace and elegance.

Actresses such as Aishwariya Rai, former Miss World and also known as ‘the most beautiful woman in the world has really shone a light on Bollywood.” , making us all curious about these mysterious individuals. Now it is common to see the Bollywood heart throbbers mingling amongst the big names of Hollywood.

See for yourself!

By: Ghazel Sultan