Trendy, fashionable, but also comfortable clothing are the epitome of Fall fashion. Before the season is gone, take a look some seasonal inspiration.

Fall comes quick and ends even quicker. But before it says goodbye for good, let’s take advantage of what it has to offer: The breezy, crisp and cool weather, the bold colors, the pumpkin treats and of course, the fashion. When I think of fall fashion, I think of comfort, rich colors and unique patterns. The outfits portrayed in the images are just that – trendy, fashionable, but also comfortable! They can be worn mixed-matched in different combinations.

The first look: comfort at its finest– this look is ideal for a walk in the park, day out shopping, running errands, or just roaming around town. It’s a simple combination of floral tights, a stylish sweatshirt, and a fringed shawl. Who knew a shawl could look so chic paired with a sweatshirt, huh? For a dressier look, lose the sweatshirt and replace it with a fancy blouse. For a more casual look, drop the heels and replace with flats!

The second look: High-trendy comfort– high, because high-waist pants are back and have been! I hope they stay awhile. These, in particular, are super comfortable, with more than enough legroom. Almost enough to feel like you’re wearing a skirt. I’m a huge fan of the pattern too. This look is shown worn casual, with a cropped denim cardigan and a white T-shirt. For a formal look, replace the denim for a more chic cardigan or long sleeve blouse.

Who said comfort couldn’t come in the form of trendy? Dare to put your prints, colors, and textures together and you might just be surprised at the result. You can have yourself a fall-perfect outfit with just mix-matching what you already have in your wardrobe!

Some fall essentials (not pictured) include A bold-colored scarf, rusted boots, leather blazer, and black tights. These four items can be worn in so many ways with so many different outfits. You can mix, match and wear all together! Definitely my must-haves for the season- the best part, you can carry them into winter.