Art and architecture are symbolic in the fabric of the greatness of France; art and artists, creativity and genius, passion in combination with construction.  Accordingly, when I thought of inspiration for creating this collection through the prism of this French fabric, Monet’s home and gardens in Giverny and the Alexander III Bridge naturally came to mind. In so doing, I hoped to capture a small taste of a contributing source to Monet’s genius. I was inspired to express this muse through the colors and shapes of his garden paradise and home.

Monet’s garden is a place of overwhelming peace and beauty while at the same time offering an explosion of natural color. When I see his ivy-lined home and peaceful garden, I am overcome by a feeling of serenity and beauty, of nature and colors.  When I touch textile it is like touching a flower. The textile, like the flower, is strong with beauty and soft with touch. Monet’s garden provides an unending palette of colors.

Concurrently one of the great contributing factors to France’s reputation with architecture is the city’s most ornate and extravagant Alexandre III Bridge spanning the Seine leading to one of the most beautiful city areas in the world where sits the Place de la Concorde and the Grand and Petit Palais.

Every time I see this bridge, its beauty, strength, softness, deepness, colors, and combination of its materials from stone to copper and its ornate statues astound me. The combination of the colors of the bridge and water coupled with the surrounding buildings and sky gives one much to ponder. The lamps stand proudly, confident in their power and beauty and shine on the river, bridge, and streets.  The combination of all of this creates a paradise on earth and naturally gives me the gift of inspiration.

In the architecture of my designs, I do not use zippers or buttons as they can easily inhibit the natural character and flow of fabric. Architects designed Alexandre III Bridge so as not to inhibit the natural flow of the Seine. Just as the Seine flows naturally under the Nymphs of the Alexandre III Bridge, my creations flow and fit naturally so as not to detract to the fabric’s natural architecture. Alexandre III Bridge does not infringe upon the beauty of the Seine. To the contrary, it contributes to and compliments that beauty.

I view fabric through the prism of art, creativity, colors and the feel of the fabric.  This view is a natural outcome of the fact that I was born into an artistic family studying and performing ballet, acting, folkloric dance, classical piano, painting, and pantomime.

This collection consists primarily (hand painted silk & organza ) and incorporates shapes and looks that are smooth and flowing like the Seine and Giverny Pond; strong and structured like the Alexander III Bridge supporting pillar foundations and Monet’s ivy-lined home.  It also incorporates touches of complex draping like the tree branches along the Giverny pond and paths. This collection also incorporates arch forms from the Alexander III Bridge and Monet’s garden walkway and pond bridge and lines imitating the long, straight and winding footpaths throughout his garden.