Looks like we are tossing out the usual sundresses this spring for printed pants! That’s right ladies, this Spring is all about the pants. Whether they are wide legged, straight/boot cut, high waisted vintage, or even tuxedo style pants, they are all PRINTED.

So with all that stated, how do we wear these bold bottoms? Well, it all depends on how much you want to stand out. Nowadays it’s OK to mix and match patterns/prints. You can go all out and wear horizontally striped pants with polka dots! It all comes down to where you are wearing it too. If you are going to work, I would advise you to lay off the crazy prints and keep it professional by pairing bold printed pants with a plain tank top, a solid colored blazer along with solid colored pumps, still spring-like and fun. You can always spin it up for an evening look by taking off the blazer.

Check out more ideas on how to wear funky bottoms in the slideshow!

By: Ghazel Sultan