A Rendezvous in Paris

A rendezvous in Paris it was. The French Embassy opened it’s doors to guests for a night of dancing, a wonderful orchestra band, dinner buffet (if you purchased the VIP ticket), and delicious dessert that would have made you think you were in an actual bakery in France.

Elegance filled the room as guests continued to embody the embassy’s sophistication. To add on to the elegance, Art Projections by Art Museum of America were displayed throughout the embassy.

Whether you came as a couple, solo, or with a group of friends, the event had something to offer to everyone. Dancing with a DJ followed later on in the night, and the mixed crowd joined the dance floor for a night away in France.

The International Club of D.C. was responsible for putting together the event in honor of Valentine’s Day. The organization caters to create cultural experiences throughout D.C., including art, music, dance, theater and more. The club is open to the many internationally minded professionals of Washington D.C., and currently holds over 47,000 members, and represents over 90 countries. Types of events the organization feature are concerts, festivals, and receptions.

And the best part – membership is free! For more information and to become a member, visit http://www.InternationalclubDC.com.

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