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EFFi Foods® Environmentally Responsible And Organic Company Launches Webstore

EFFi Foods® is known for their fair trade practices, numerous partnerships and green commitment to triple bottom line principals. (Sponsored Content)

An Interview With Chris Capell of Dizzy Pig

If you want to shop for the best quality grilling product to keep the crowds and the family happy, take the drive to Dizzy Pig.

DC Life Magazine – Civet Cat Coffee

Eugene Smith takes to the 57th Annual Fancy Food Show at the Washington, Convention Center in D.C. In this clip he tastes Coffee made from beans that have been extracted from Civet cats….a “Delicacy”, it sells for $30 a cup.

Barnside Diner

Eugene Smith reviews one of Northern Virginia’s favorite 24 hour food stops. The Barnside Diner on Little River Turnpike is known for turning out high-quality food quickly with friendly service.