Left DC: Aventura Is Parallel Miami

Aventura is parallel Miami. “Aventura” is also Spanish for “adventure”. These are some truths about…

The Newcomer: DateSpott DC

There’s something new in town and it’s great for all you single and even attached…

How to Have Your Own Farm-to-Table Thanksgiving

The head chef at Region’s 117, Northern Virginia’s hottest new farm-to-table restaurant, has some advice for…

Flying Fish Restaurants New “Modern Seafood” Menu

With the Flying Fish making changes to their menu and wine selection, I was anxiously awaiting what was in store.

Highlight on DC Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week D.C. offers exceptional meals for less.

Suriny Rice Bran Oil – Recipe Of The Week Basil Chicken

Chef Shirley demonstrates recipes to showcase Suriny Rice Bran Oil’s gourmet and health qualities. Suriny Rice Bran Oil has a high smoke point which makes it an excellent medium for Stir Frying. This oil can be heated to 419 degrees (flashpoint/steam

DC Life Magazine – Civet Cat Coffee

Eugene Smith takes LifeOnFood.com to the 57th Annual Fancy Food Show at the Washington, Convention Center in D.C. In this clip he tastes Coffee made from beans that have been extracted from Civet cats….a “Delicacy”, it sells for $30 a cup.

Barnside Diner

Eugene Smith reviews one of Northern Virginia’s favorite 24 hour food stops. The Barnside Diner on Little River Turnpike is known for turning out high-quality food quickly with friendly service.

Jennie Tai’s Take on Recipe Box Lobster Rolls

The Hungry Muse Jennie Tai gives us a glimpse of her take on Recipe Box Lobster Rolls. This yummy recipe even has a cute video attached.