This is one of our most popular repins this week. Our Home & Garden Section has posted something cool found on the Home Depot blog. Who knew The Home Depot could be so chic?


Shared from Chanel.com, we have classically drawn instructions of how to apply the recent eyeshadow trends. This is always a good topic amongst our MUA’s and beauty enthusiasts.


Preparing seafood can be a mess, however, scallops are one of the simplest foods. They may not be the easiest to cook to perfection, but they are still delicious if you come close. I love that they require no cleaning or picking like shrimp or crabs and they still pack that fresh flavor.


Freshman to Graduate School students will appreciate the sophisticated looks curated in this post titled: “Clothes to Make You Look Good at Every Age” by Raychel at Glam Radar. This pin is from an older post, so we will probably have a fashion series of a similar concept really soon.



Our most popular pin of the week!

These are the shoes of a goddess. They are elegant and stylish combining the rigid element of metal captured in a fluid organic sculpture while coupled with the structural look of herringbone as trim.

Written by: Eschelle Demure