Here are some tips and tricks for the curly-haired ladies out there! We’ve all had our ups and downs along this journey, but hopefully, this advice will help you embrace your beautiful curls!

Having crazy, curly hair my entire life, I have certainly learned a few tricks to help “tame the mane.” No one else in my family has hair anything like mine, so I had to fight the battle against my hair all on my own. I struggled through every stage imaginable, from straightening to braiding to constantly messy up-dos, until I finally settled on one: let the curls be. Like a wild, but beautiful beast, curly hair requires quite a bit of patience and understanding, but the end result can be uniquely elegant.

Though your hair may never look as sleek and polished as your friends with straight, manageable hair who you have envied for so long, there is a certain appeal with hair that constantly looks exotic. It took me until a couple of years ago to appreciate my hair, but I finally realized that putting my curls through damaging treatments and using ridiculously expensive serums could not be the answer. I had to cherish my locks for the never-to-be-conquered idiosyncrasy that they are.

Appreciating your hair, no matter its characteristics can be a process, but here are a few tips for curly-haired girls to help that along. The first: get an anti-frizz product. You certainly do not need to break the bank to purchase a good one, but it is a valuable investment.  A couple of my suggestions are Davines Momo Moisturizing Anti-Frizz Fluid and John Frieda Frizz-Ease Thermal Protection Hair Serum. Both works wonder to keep your hair in a manageable state and fight against the dreaded humidity of the summer months.

Next: find a good salon. Once again, you do not have to drop hundreds of dollars on a hair-cut, but girls with curly hair certainly cannot go into any parlor for a quick trim. So, find a good salon in your area and stick with it. My biggest problem growing up was finding a sympathetic hair stylist who would not comment on how difficult my hair was to work this. If that is a concern for you too, feel free to talk to your stylist before you even sit down.

Finally: think of fun ways to style your hair. You could try the classic half-up and half-down or ask your hairdresser for cute layers to give your curls even more volume. Maybe think about cutting it short and rocking a wedge cut (like a long bob). Anything that makes you feel comfortable! My personal favorite right now: au natural.