This week we truly welcomed spring and with it a surge of energy that seems to hibernate during the colder months. This past winter I found it difficult to do anything that involved being outside for more than 15 minutes as I’m convinced, I have the circulatory system of a reptile (seriously, ask my friends). Those gloomy days are over now, and all I want is a little UVB action coupled with my favorite activity of shopping. This leads me to the not so hidden shopping treasure – Eastern Market. I know most everyone has heard of it, but as a fairly new resident to DC I had not yet experienced the magic first-hand. It only took one visit, but I can already say the Eastern Market has stolen my heart.

Although not a “boutique” by definition, the market is the opposite of mainstream. I was immediately immersed in local culture and overwhelmed with a feeling of small-town southern hospitality. It was refreshing to see everyone removed from the stress and our many responsibilities we encounter Monday through Friday. I can only describe Eastern Market as an escape – an escape stockpiled with everything from food, refurbished furniture, artwork, vintage clothing, and jewelry. Thrilled by the variety in every category, I was most drawn to the jewelry and the many pieces crafted by our talented, local DC artists.

My shopping soul mate and I stumbled upon the jewelry stand, Shobha Ohal Designs, and had to talk each other out of buying everything on display. Each piece was the perfect balance of simple and elegant, yet raw and edgy. Our purchase for the day – a delicate gold chain necklace with a small hammered piece of silver that rests perfectly below the collarbone. I’m a sap for jewels with mixed metals and different textures, and Shobha Ohal hit the nail on the head.

Not too far away, Enise caught my attention. Enise is located in DC, but her designs are known around the world and are featured in stores such as Takashimaya New York and Bloomingdales. Each necklace pairs perfectly with the next, or stands flawlessly alone. The bracelets make me lust for an arm party… for both arms, and earrings so beautiful you will without a doubt turn a few heads.

Bottom line: you can have your cake and eat it too. Let’s enjoy the beautiful weather, mingle with our neighbors, and feed our shopping addiction all at the same time. Whether you reside in Virginia, DC, or Maryland, I highly recommend you add Eastern Market to Google Calendar as your Sunday repeat event. In my opinion, this is bliss and the true meaning of retail therapy.

*Shobha Ohal Designs can also be ordered online at; Enise designs can be ordered online at