1. Most items can be cleaned so don’t get grossed out.

A lot of people are usually hesitant on going thrifting because it’s deemed as “gross” since it came from…you have no idea.  This is what a washing machine is for! Or get your items cleaned! Simple.

2.  You will save tons of money.

You can seriously find an entire outfit, I mean, from jackets to pants, to shirts…for about $50 or less.

3.  Thrift stores are more than just clothes.

You will be able to find jewelry, furniture, types of supplies, poster, music, books, and more!

4.  Thrifting is like a scavenger hunt.

Once you find that one item you like, you’re definitely going to treasure it.

5.  Most thrift stores support your community!

If you’re worried about spending money, and if it’s worth it or not, 9/10 you’re money is for good use.

Here is a list of some great DMV Thrift stores:

  1. Habitat For Humanity of Washington, D.C.
    2115 Ward Ct NW #100 · (202) 882-4600
  2. Habitat For Humanity
    1360 Okie St NE · (202) 506-2475
  3. Habitat For Humanity International
    1424 K St NW #600 · (202)628-9171
  4. Georgia Avenue Thrift Store
    6101 Georgia Ave NW · (202) 291-4013
    Open until 9:00 PM
  5. Buffalo Exchange
    1318 14th St NW · (202) 299-9148
    Open until 7:00 PM
  6. Opportunity Shop
    St. Alban’s Episcopal Church
    3001 Wisconsin Ave NW · (202) 966-5288

Written by: Morgan Fitzpatrick