In a world where an image has become essential to get your leg in the door, establishing a personal style has become as important as knowing your way around the job you want. Going for clean, effortless style pieces that are timeless and formal will prove you know your fashion but stopping there is only halfway.

From your fashion accessories to the gadgets you carry everywhere you go, every last object you carry around is a reflection of your style so you really don’t want to own a torn leather phone case or the oldest piece of luggage. Update your accessories and let your image do the talking before you even do, with these 16 accessories to get your hands on this year.

Credit card holder
Forget the bulky wallet in your trouser pants and go for a leather or suede card holder for a tidier wallet when heading out to a formal event.

Rock the cape
Go bold this season and rather than wearing the same long coat or black jacket, go for a knitted cape in a patterned material or a rich wintry color.

Fedora hat
Don’t be afraid to trade in your beanie for a fedora hat. Not only will you keep the cold at bay but you can pair the hat with more elegant fashion pieces for a formal event or for a date night.

Personalized keyrings
Rather than carrying around the keychain, you got for free years ago, upgrade your keyring by going for something customized. Personalized keyrings prove you put effort even in the smallest of things.

Don those braces
When you have put effort into buying a well-fitted suit, you have invested in your shoes and ironed that shirt to perfection, then it is time to put a touch of whimsy in your formal wear by donning braces.

The old school backpack
From Alexander McQueen’s skull print to Dolce e Gabbana’s leather ones, backpacks are making a comeback, making it easier for you to rock old school fashion in style.

The blanket scarf
If a cape is too much of a fashion statement for you but you still want to keep from freezing, then the blanket scarf is another great accessory option for you this year.

Acoustic noise-canceling headphones
Beat the noise, unwind on the train and wear these beautiful headphones around your neck when you are done with a stylish tech statement.

This fashion accessory has been around for the last few years but it is still so relevant to bring freshness to an old suit.

Go for the ring
If you are not one to wear rings then think again. From chunky silver bands to colored ones, the ring is the trendiest piece of jewelry of this season for men.

Hold all bag
If you are running around all day from meetings to the office and to the gym, investing in a leather-bound hold-all bag with a structured spine is super chic and useful to carry everything from documents to sportswear.

Retro shades
Never have sunglasses been more fun to wear! From the retro metallic shades to mirrored lenses, there is a shape to suit every face.

The golden cup
Carrying around your morning coffee in a leather-bound flask will make a better impression than a plastic one ever will.

Cover those hands
Nothing says formal, chic and attention to detail than a great pair of gloves on your hands to wear on those cold winter days.

Traveling accessories
If you travel often, investing in the finest set of traveling bags with luggage that is vintage inspired or the latest in modern style is proof your style is sky high.

About time
Timeless and a staple, a great watch on your hands is not only practical but a piece you can wear for years while remaining true to your style.

Author Bio: A fashion aficionado, Regina Due empowers men and women through her writing and fashion tips. If she’s not walking her dog, you can catch her surfing the web for what’s new at Ties’n’Cuffs.