These were some of our most popular pins of the week on Pinterest, and we can clearly see why.


This is one of our most popular repins ever. The photographer and model are not specified on the Pinterest post, but she is gorgeous. The caption reads:

” Sexy is confidence, and it comes in all shapes and sizes. *plus size swimsuit model.”

This was pinned from:


Titled – “The Fittest Woman Alive”
Jamie Eason has become the world’s fittest model and continues her hard work and dedication by contributing her knowledge about fitness and nutrition. She has also inspired our Chief Editor here at DC Life Magazine!

This was pinned from:


Who could resist fantasizing about this dream kitchen? It is absolutely stunning. The craziest thing is that it is only one of the 19 Most Stunning Modern Marble Kitchens from MyDomaine



We can’t give her credit for making the garment, but our audience loved how she wore it. This beautiful model is wearing the cutest LBD…..(which is really a tunic with matching shorts.)  Unfortunately our smartly pinned image is linked to an ultra-naughty page, and I’m not able to share it with you on DC Life Magazine because it violates our Editorial Guidelines.

Whoever they are they did a great job shooting this!


Our most popular pin of the week!

Is linked to a study about premature ejaculation? SERIOUSLY……the title of this pin reads:

“Ask Meg: I Have a Premature Ejaculation Problem; Help!”

Oy, the embarrassment! I may have to find Meg, and ask her if this is a really hot topic? You folks reading this should respond in our comments section to let me know whether this is a subject worth exploring… anti-climactic.

Written by: Eschelle Demure