Vanessa Rembrandt of Dupont Circle- Canvas




This Urban Alley Surrealism painting of Black Art in Washington, DC will take your breath away! Painted on a 20×30” canvas, this artwork depicts the hustle and bustle of city life, with its bright colors and intricate details. The art canvas captures the beauty of urban street life from the alleyways, with an abstract and surrealist interpretation.

Lose yourself in the details as the artist masterfully creates the sparks of color radiating from the wings of the dragonfly and the vibrant blues and purples of heart releasing birds. With shades of pink and green coming from the graffiti on the walls, you’ll enjoy the hidden secrets strewn throughout this canvas of urban life. As you take in the beauty of the painting, the unique aspects of the city of Washington, DC and its Black culture come to life.

This painting combines city life and hidden art all in one. The metallic texture and texture of the walls give an added level of depth and dimension to the setting that lend it an urban appeal. You’ll feel yourself walking the alleyways that this painting captures, while being entranced by its dream-like qualities of surrealism.

This extraordinary painting is sure to become a timeless piece that you will treasure. The use of bright colors captures the vitality of life within the urban community, while the surrealist detail will spark feelings of appreciation and admiration. Hang this special piece wherever you go, and spread the joy of Black urban life in Washington, DC.

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